Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Over in Houston

Over in Houston at the IQA quilt show - even after 4 days not sure I have seen all the quilts........ what is very obvious this year is the increase in the number of digital art pieces - some were basically photographs stitched over - not my cup of tea...but others were images which were manipulated and over printed and or painted - these I liked more - particularly liked one by the Artist  Wen Redmond where the digital imagery is used to such good effect.

Took a colour theory class with Jane Dunnewold - really helpful - whilst I have always felt confident about using colour and have read so much theory including Albers weighty tome on the subject the hands on colour mixing class was very worthwhile. Photos below

These were the pigments we used  to cover  the 12 basic hues

Colour exercises

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