Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Trying out some new colours....

Wet and rainy day - just the time to try out some new colour dye pigments - I recently bought some different acid dyes from Landscape Dyes in colours I have not tried before - usually they are the shade I need to mix with my Procion dyes.  I used  Wattle - a rich gold, Sweet Pea, a warm pink and Kelp - a lovely grey green.   I have quite a bit of rayon silky ribbon tape about 5 mm wide which is super for embellishment and ribbon type embroidery - but procion doesn't work - acid dyes do so I had a short session dying them with the acid dyes in an old crock pot - works really well. I also used up the dye with other fibres, silk and cotton and although the cotton dyes a little lighter these dyes gave clear constant colour.

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