Thursday, 6 February 2014

Away from base

Spent the weekend in Kings Lynn and West Norfolk - Col was keen to see more of the maritime history connected to the old docks in Kings Lynn and more specifically about the explorer John Vancover. Had a lovely time cycling around the area and along the River Ouse and coastline - lovely area for doing a few sketches - an interesting view everyway you turn -but only got a little hand stitching done over the last few days!

I had taken a scrap piece -( muslin that had leftover scrap strips of dyed organza felted into the surface) and some cream thread  and I just randomly stitched tracks across the piece. It is a lovely feeling doing a running stitch through a loose woven piece - very tactile and easy to do. The silk organza breaks down very easily when felted and  produces an unusual  surface finish.


The hand stitching spurred me on to more stitching so rummages around and found a space dyed left over piece of silk dupion. I used some wool wadding and an open weave muslin backing to form a quilt sandwich and  played with stitches on this. I used my hand dyed threads of different colours and values to make the 'tracks' across the piece.

 Just a bit of a diversion from current work - but I do enjoy playing with simple stitches...................

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