Friday, 31 January 2014

Developing the design

I really like this jug shape - having a lot of fun trying out different approaches - decided to cut two templates of different sizes of the same jug so I could try out a range of ideas. I scaled up the design then cut out with some template plastic.

Inktense pencils and sticks seem to be best way to try out my designs; a range of colours that could blend into the background fanbric. I tried first an actual sized piece of the final art cloth  on paper, to see how realistic the sizes of the designs would be on the larger scale. I washed in with a large brush the inktense pencils. I am reasonably happy with the scale of the shapes but realise I need to consider how to use the designs as I do not want whole jug shapes but suggestions of the shapes part line and forms.

Next, I want to try out the inktense sticks and pencils on fabric to see how they could blend in on fabric so a few little tries both on white and coloured backgrounds.

It does look as if the technique might work - but do I background dye before I add the design or after..... Need to think about that over the week end!

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