Thursday, 23 January 2014

Busy week

Well it has been a very busy week - had three pieces in an embroidery exhibition in Oakham in Rutland so went off to view the exhibition. As ever with exhibitions I marvel at the inventiveness of others in their creative pieces. I forgot to photograph my pieces before I submitted them- so will post the photo's after the exhibition has finished.

Just been working a stitched and felted piece which I am doing as a commission - felting is not a regular pursuit I have to say, but occasionally I like to play if the medium suit the subject as it did in this case. I recently finished a series based on the Peak District moors reflecting the colours of the moors, the heather, broom and bracken. ( We camped up there in September and took tons of photos which I used as a source.) I was asked to do an additional small piece hence this piece below.

The piece was based on some open weave linen which I started layering with strips of dyed silk, silk organza and silk wools. I felted the base pieces down and added more strips then introduced the yellow and gold for the broom.

There were quite a lot of layers in the end as I could not initially get the impression of swathes of broom amongst the heather - so much so that the linen backing started to disintegrate - you can get carried away with the embellisher!  I ended up completing the felting with an additional piece of navy cotton to hold the piece together! I think I have done enough embellishing /felting for a while...............

Used my usual technique with a frame to decide which part of the felting would work for the final  piece; all I have to do now is get on with the stitching - some hand and some machine I think.  Watch this space!

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