Monday, 13 April 2015

What a way to spend Monday - The Well Cottage Group

Spent most of the day in our local village hall - once a month about eight textile enthusiasts meet up and spend a day doing our own work in company in our small but comfortable village hall. Whilst there are stitchers and quilters in the group there are also dyers and felters- so we make quite an eclectic mix - sound levels rise and fall and it is such  a good atmosphere to work creatively. In the summer we move over the road to Well Cottage (hence the name of the group) and spend the days dyeing with natural materials under the tutelage of Jackie our botanist and natural dye expert.

Used the time today to finish off the backing of my silk Foxglove piece below. It is a whole cloth silk piece, dyed and then machine stitched. Silk is not the easiest fabric to work with but I do enjoy the handle of silk when you are working with it.

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