Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Back home from travels

Well, it's been over a month since I last blogged - whilst I have done lots of stitching I have been overseas in Madeira and then to  Verona where they were holding the 'Verona Tessile' - a biennial Art exhibition around the old palaces of the City. I posted my piece for Verona a few months back - it was based on the colours of the ripening vine in line with the Exhibition theme - it was a juried exhibition so I was pleased to be accepted and decided to visit as it was somewhere we had always wanted to see.

It is a beautiful old city set in the bends of the Adige river, the centre is almost all pedestrianised so easy to walk around - and there are so many old palaces - never mind the Roman remains and the Arena!

The various textiles exhibitions were held in old palaces, ancient public buildings and old churches. 

They formed a wonderful backdrop for the various different exhibitions on show. 

From Contemporary to tradition and from old silk printed textiles to 3D textiles sculptures.

My piece based on the colours of the red grape as it matures

I particularly like the exhibit of''Take a line.......'

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